Director’s Message

DirectorsThe first Bharat Youth Welfare Development Society was started in the year 2005 . Altogether, the Society has completed 100’s of training programs in many training centre’s, Schools, Colleges, spread across the Karnataka State with a total enrolment of some 50,000+ students.

The motto of the Society and all its institutions is to strive for better and better, not resting on one’s oars; seek solutions, not excuses and deliver results; and serve the community by providing quality education.

The purpose of training is to ignite a spirit of inquiry, creativity, a thirst for knowledge, striving for excellence, character-building, self-development as well as cultivate good habits to last a life-time. Above all, when the time comes, to stand on one’s own feet and not become a drag and a burden on society.

I am proud to say that our learned, experienced and dedicated teachers strive tirelessly to mentor their students to realize their potential and develop confidence to face the future challenges in a fiercely competitive world moving at a scorching pace.