Aims and Objectives

aimsobjectivies2The purpose of education and training is to ignite a spirit of inquiry, creativity, a thirst for knowledge, striving for excellence, character building, self development and preparation for life’s challenges in a rapidly changing world as well as to cultivate good habits to last a life time. Education is not only about acquiring knowledge and skills, it is also about harmonious and integrated development of body,mind, spirit, aesthetics and moral values.

Other than academic excellence and intellectual development, the society endeavours to help every person to discover and develop their unique talent and abilities. It seeks to instill in the children & people proper habits, positive attitudes and values such as truthfulness, selflessness, self-respect, self-control, sense of duty, good manners, fair play, team spirit, dignity of labour, punctuality, compassion, freedom of mind and a rational and scientific approach to problem solving. It is our constant endeavour to instill a sense of purposefulness in our children, to enable them to ‘Do Better and Better, to excel and become leaders in the fast changing environment’– Shri Satyawati Swamy  inspiring credo for our schools, colleges and institutes.